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The anal ring toss game is a blast for everyone at a party.

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"Taylor is amazing!" Taylor is racking up the great reviews. Book the best!

Nashua, NH: Hey man. They (Taylor & Tyler) did a great job last night. Both of them were awesome. Thanks and we'll def refer you and keep you in mind.

Mashpee, MA: Fucking awesome! Anal ringtoss was the bomb! The girls where amazing friendly and some of the hottest girls we could have asked for. They kept the party rolling with their bag of tricks and kept us entertained for hours. I'm a huge fan of Taylor, I think I fell in love. Shes a perfect 10. I was looking for a flaw and I couldn't find one. Seriously! Smoke show. Krystal is super hot and soo sexy. And she knows what to do with it. She did some crazy things that the guys loved. Everyone left happy. If I could I would book them again tonight! HOTTT

Foxwoods: Taylor was a big hit. Thanks Meni!

Gilmanton, NH: Thanks for making our night. The Girls (Taylor & Ryan) were great both of them were very nice and clean. They keep all of us happy. Will defiantly have VIP help us out again. The girls did a great job, and Al was great to, He was very pleasant to have here. I am planning a party again and will be in contact. This time We will plan for more money so the girls can do more of the fun things they have planned. I think that the next time I will sell tickets to anyone that would like to come that way if they donít. We will still have the money to spend on the fine girls. Thanks again.

Providence, RI: Girls were awesome tonight. Had a great time. Thanks! Taylor rocked...the ring toss was a big hit too! And i got a private from Ryan, she was great too!

Foxwoods: The night was a complete success. Lexi and Taylor came in and put on a great show. They had great attitudes and made sure that all guests left happy. I would recommend them to anyone looking for a memorable evening.

Boston: Thank you for helping pull off a fantastic bachelor party. Taylor was stunningly beautiful, energetic, and a lot of fun! Any dancer that is willing to play anal ring toss on a house boat is all right in my book! The bachelor had a great time, and we expect the bruises to be cleared up before the wedding. In all seriousness, it was the perfect mix of hotness and embarrassment for the groom. The price was better than your competitions and I donít imagine any other company had a dancer as hot as Taylor. Iíve had my share of bachelor parties and she was by far the best looking one. Right on time too, which was helpful dealing with access to the marina. Al was a great guy as well. We could have sat and drank with those two all night. This buddy was the last one of us to get marriedÖbut after Taylor we decided that we are going to have a bachelor party every year moving forward, and weíll have a lottery each year to figure out who is to be considered the bachelor. Well done Meni! Thanks again!

Boston: Great show, Taylor was very enthusiastic and we were very impressed with quality all around

Manchester, NH: Awesome! My clients said it was the best time they've ever had together...and that's saying something. I'll call you back in 12 months. (Taylor & Lexi)

Brockton, Mass: Yeah they (Taylor & Jacy) were great, I recommend them again next time, if you can. Thank you so much, all the guy had a great time and tell the girls thank you. You'll hear from me again soon.


Lyndonville, Vermont: Taylor is beautiful and put on an excellent show. Was very engaged with the group, and everyone had a great time

Conway, NH: We had 12 guys up for a bachelor party and had a great time. The girls (Ryan & Taylor) were hot and the ones from the website.  They were really fun and everyone loved them.  I would recommend these guys to anyone.

Burlington, VT: Taylor was great, and show was high energy. Arrived on time and everyone had a lot of fun. Highly recommended.

Bartlett, NH: Hey, thank u so much! 100 percent positive reviews...especially Taylor. please let her know how much we enjoyed her. thanks again (Taylor & Jacy)

Silver Lake, NH: Taylor and Jacy were amazing. Thanks for the booking

Manchester NH (party bus): Amazing (Taylor)

Tilton, NH: The show was great, Taylor was unreal. Professional and on time and a lot of fun. I would recommend this service in a heartbeat. Thanks!

Foxwoods: The girls (Taylor & Ryan) were great thanks for the great show. All my friends had a great time. I'll definitely be recommending you for sure.

Meredith, NH: We enjoyed their entertainment

Canterbury NH: The dancers (Taylor & Ashley) were great and really hot and the special shows were outstanding, guys are still talking about that. Absolutely recommend your company and will call you the next time we need some quality entertainment Again thanks and I will always recommend you I like how you never let us down and take care of business, thanks again

North Conway: Taylor and Ellie worked with us to surprise our birthday boy. Taylor had a great attitude and a fun personality . Both girls were very talented and had plenty of tricks to show. Ring Toss!

Mohegan Sun: Thanks for making my brotherís bachelor party a success. Taylor was amazing! She is smoking hot and definitely knows how to work her body. Even though we only had 6 guys, she had plenty of variety in her act and had no problem keeping our full attention for well over an hour. Iím sure we will be talking (privately) about the anal ring toss for years. I was afraid that a midnight show in a hotel room might get some noise complaints, but David and Taylor seemed to be mindful of that and we didnít have any trouble. Also, the price of getting her there was so competitive that I thought there must have been a catch. Nope! I canít say enough about how happy I am with the way things went down and would highly recommend her to anyone looking for top notch entertainment.

Chelmsford, MA: The show was really good!! I loved her (Taylor) and the driver was really nice

Plymouth, NH: Man it was the best I have seen both girls (Taylor and Ashley) were hot and amazing both the guys were chill were all still talking about the show now, we will call u in a few months for another one.

Taylor, offers parties the option of playing Anal Ring Toss. The game popularized on the Howard Stern show a few years ago. Played by Artie Lange, Richard Christie and others. Taylor is a gorgeous 21 year old brunette. She works well with Lexi, and with Ellie.
To book Taylor call 800-446-8847 or email us

Boston, MA: The girls and their bouncer were on time. Every one loved Taylor some guys were intimidated by Lexi I really liked them both. The bouncer was out of the way. Every had a great time. I am looking into starting a small business and would like to continue using VIP service. Thanks.


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